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(719) 817-4820
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1777 West Street, Portland, OR 97205

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We only use the best materials and the most advanced tailoring techniques to create suits that fit perfectly to the client’s body and last for many years. In addition, we offer a complete customization process that allows clients to choose every detail of their suit, from the fabric to the buttons.

The production time of a custom-made suit varies depending on the level of customization chosen by the client. However, typically, the production process takes between 4 to 6 weeks. We can provide a more accurate timeframe after the initial consultation with the client.

The cost of a custom-made suit varies based on various factors, including the chosen fabric, level of customization, and extras. Our custom suits start at around $1500, but the price varies according to the options selected by the customer. We offer personalized consultations to help determine the perfect suit within the customer’s budget.

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