The South Florida chapter hosts various conferences and seminars that can be used for Continued Education Credits

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November 6, 2015 - ACFE & ACAMS Joint AML/Fraud Conference


Regulatory Update Complex Corporate Structures & CDD
Model Validation Complex Relationships & CDD
                                                  Money Laundering, Corruption and the Rule of Law


April 17, 2015 - ACFE & IIA 6th Annual Fraud Conference

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Cyber Challenges to Data Privacy and Security Corporate Ethics and Fraud Prevention
Vendor Fraud Whistleblower Programs
Aaron Beam - Healthsouth Integrating Forensics into the Internal Audit Function



November 7, 2014 - ACFE & ACAMS Joint AML/Fraud Conference

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Combatting Human Trafficking Cyber Security (J. Rey)
Healthcare Fraud Cyber Security (J. Strauss)
Bitcoin FCPA & theBanking Industry (G. Moore)
Banking Marijuana FCPA & the Banking Industry (S. Nathan)
  FCPA & the Banking Industry (R. Montes de Oca)


March 18, 2011 - ACFE/IIA Joint Fraud Conference

Data Analytics Developing a Fraud Management Program
Asset Recovery E-Discovery
Convergence of Fraud  


     December 7, 2009 - Fraud Symposium     

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Forensic Investigations & SOX Forensic Technology
Managing Fraud Risk In IFRS Psychology Of Lying
Role Of Accountants In Receiverships Supply Chain Fraud